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Wet Rot, whilst typically not as difficult to eradicate as dry rot, can nevertheless cause severe damage within your property if allowed to go unchecked and is often a common cause of structural defects. It is for this reason that it is important to recognise if you need wet rot treatment for your property.

In order to grow, wet rot requires a regular source of moisture ingress, which can result from sources of defective plumbing, gutters, downpipes or stone pointing. The moisture together with the presence of wood can allow wet rot spores to germinate. It is therefore important to choose a specialist familiar with wet rot life cycles, who is qualified as a wet rot specialist and has good knowledge of all wet rot treatments. If left to continue, the growth process of wet rot will remove the strength from the timber it encounters in a similar fashion to that of dry rot thus calling for immediate wet rot treatment to prevent spread.

How to spot if you need wet rot treatment

Spotting if you need wet rot treatment can be varied however, typical tell tale signs that your property may require wet rot treatment include largely black and usually localised fungus growing. Where there is no obvious mycelium present wet rot can generally be identified and differentiated from dry rot by the differing colour of the decayed timber as well as the size and type of cracking by the timber as the wet rot progresses.

If you have any of the described conditions above, specialist wet rot treatment will be required to inhibit this.
Wet rot treatment can usually be carried out by removing the moisture source and drying out the surrounding fabric thus preventing further spread. Where any affected timber has lost its strength, removing the timber and replacing it with new timber treated against the potential germination of wet rot spores ensures the structural integrity of the building. Specialist wet rot treatment will be required to finish it off. This generally involves eradication through chemical spray and other wet rot treatments carried out by the team at Pennine Preservation.


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