Frequently Asked Questions

Can you quote for work over the phone and for how long is your quotation valid?

No – Every property, building site etc are different so therefore we will have to carry out an individual survey and/or assessment to establish the full extent of the proposed works in order to provide you with the most cost effective solution. Under normal circumstances the Quotation is open for acceptance for 28 days. However, where arrangements cannot be concluded within this period, for example in the case of a house purchase or delay in a site works programme, we are happy to extend this period.

Can Pennine Preservation's provide me with a guarantee ?

Yes – All of our products come with at least a 30 year guarantee which includes:Membranes,Timber treatments, DPC treatments. The Certificates we issue are on completion of work carried out. and upon full settlement of payment, all guarantees are valid from the works completion date, for a period of 10-– 30 years with Westminster Guarantee Protection Ltd.

Can I live in my home whilst you carry out the treatment work?

Generally yes – It is up to the client’s personal preference to decide. Although, there may be a small time exclusion period from the treated areas of your property when carrying out treatments such as woodworm or dry rot. You also may not wish to live in your home during the treatment period if the work we are undertaking involves the removal of your bathroom or kitchen areas etc.

If you installed a damp proof course in my property, as well as re-plastering. When can I carry out re-decoration?

Pennine Preservation’s follows all recommends laid down by the BRE Building Research Establishment and British Standards we advise that you do not carry out permanent decoration i.e. wallpapering, for a period of 12 months after the damp proofing works. However, you can use a water-permeable emulsion paint after all visible signs of damp have disappeared, usually between 4 and 8 weeks.

If you treat the woodworm in my property, will there be a smell?

Yes – The treatment fluid we use has a slight odour, however it is advised, as the area being treated cannot be occupied for a period of 1 hour after treatment has been carried out, you will find that the smell has dispersed before you re-enter the room/s.

Can Pennine Preservation's manage the whole construction project?

Yes – Pennine Preservation’s can provide a complete package on all our contracts. For example on basement conversions we can commence any preparation work e.g Building notice and structural reports if required all digging out of basement floors to gain extra headroom, complete the structural waterproofing, construct the desired floor , deal with all plumbing and electrical requirements, and completely fit out the basement development including installing bathrooms and kitchens, plastering, tiling, decorating etc enabling us to provide our clients with a total turn-key solution.All basement and below ground works carried out by Pennine Preservation’s comply with BS8102 Protection of structures against water from the ground.

How long does a typical basement or cellar conversion take?

Normally around 5-6 weeks depending on the individual basement.

How do you dry wet, flooded or mouldy basements?

Excess water is pumped out of the basement, but other than that, we don’t strictly ‘dry’ your basement or cellar. This is because the nature of a subterranean room makes it virtually impossible to achieve a dry finish. Water or damp will always seep in.

The way we do it is to insert a high density Polyethylene Cavity Drain Membrane which acts as a kind of envelope behind which the ground water enters as normal before being collected within a sump unit/ pumping station and efficiently dealt with.

Cavity Drain Membranes are completely impervious to water, chloride salts, nitrates, etc -. In fact they’re so reliable and efficient they’re used by organisations like the London Underground in tube station design.

The membrane is quick and easy to install. Decoration doesn’t need to be delayed because there is no drying process


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