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In case you need some Basement or cellar conversion work done for you in Halifax, West yorkshire, you are not alone. A growing number of home owners have identified the benefits of expanding their living space in their current properties through Basement or cellar conversion . This remains a cost effective way to renovate or refit an existing space and may even cost less than moving to a new property.

Basement or cellar conversions represent a new way of thinking

Rather than building outwards or renovating and expanding the loft, home owners can add an additional floor bay making use of the basement, thereby using prime space to create a bigger home.

Many homes in Halifax, West Yorkshire are built with a basement that can be used to house swimming pools, family rooms, utility rooms and more. Space in the UK now comes at a premium, and having the opportunity to convert your basement to additional living space is nothing short of wonderful. The area under your home is prime property, and you can transform it into anything you want that can make your life better from creating an indoor gym and spa, home cinema or a room where you can retire to for the night as your bedroom.

The development of better construction materials and techniques mean that instead of having a damp and dark underground room, your basement living space is soon a comfortable, well lit, airy marvel that you can hang out in.

We are cellar conversion specialist

Basement or cellar conversions in Halifax depend on the style of conversion that the home owner wants and the type of design of the house. Needless to say, this construction work can increase your home value by up to 30%. Not bad for such a small construction makeover.

Although most homes with a basement are candidates for a conversion, houses that are particularly suitable are terraced and semidetached urban homes that do not have the opportunity to add a conventional extension, or where developing something in the loft is impossible.

To do a great Basement or cellar conversion job, it is important to get a planning process going. Once you have a good plan about the whole idea, converting your basement will be simple and could cost less. The first step should be to consult a specialist who can assess the home and give you a report about the feasibility of the project.

Homes built before the 1930s that have an existing basement are usually prime candidates for a cost effective Basement or cellar conversion . In case your home does not fit into this category then the specialist may recommend some extra civil works to lower your floor. For homes that do not have a basement, the construction work must include excavation and digging to create a retrofit basement, albeit at a higher cost of construction, and in a longer time frame.

Techniques in the construction industry have allowed basements to be built both in properties which have suspended timber floors-which was the common practice- and now most recently, those that have concrete floors.

The construction begins with foundational work. For homes that need an existing basement floor to be lowered, or that need brand new basement, engineers underpin the existing foundation, which requires that they extend them downwards to create additional support for the housing structure.

Next, the building must be waterproofed. To do this, a studded membrane is used to line the basement, and then a secondary wall is built inside the lining. This approach is regarded as more effective than just sealing the outer membrane with cement. When water seeps into the area between the membrane and the secondary wall, it is collected in a sump and pumped away, keeping the walls dry even in areas where the water table is close to the surface.

Suggestions for Basement conversion in Halifax

Unlike regular home improvement gigs, Basement or cellar conversion require expert builders to get the job done right. As a result, you should employ experienced professionals. Get an architect to draw up the plan of your home and ask them to recommend specialist contractors with experience in doing Basement or cellar conversions. This will allow an objective project manager do the job instead of forcing you to manage engineers and technicians, where you have little knowledge and experience.

In some cases you may need consent from your neighbors before you begin your construction. This mostly applies to terraced or semidetached homes. A specialist should advise you accordingly so that you can use the right approach. A party wall agreement is usually signed, and you may also be required to pay for a surveyor to set aside any fears that damage may be done to shared foundations.
Additionally, when carrying out structural work, you need to obtain building regulation consent. This may mean visiting with the local planning department to obtain the necessary approvals. A specialist should advise you in case any of these things are required.


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